ICHTEMI2022 – Program

Dear all participants,

Welcome to International Conference on Heat Transfer, Energy and Mechanical Innovations (ICHTEMI) 2022

Due to the current circumstances, all the presentations including keynote speech will be done virtually using zoom. All paper presenters are requested to deliver their presentation in 15 minutes (including question and answer session). Kindly always open your camera during presentation, as AIP requested all presenter to be recorded during online presentation.

You can find the link of Zoom for presentation below.

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Meeting ID: 981 5665 4132
Passcode: ichtemi

Below is the rundown of the Program (All time in WIB (Western Indonesia Time/GMT+7).

Session 1

07.45-08.00Zoom is OPEN
08.00-08.10Opening Ceremony by Orca Industri Akademi
08.10-08.25Paper ID: 3146 – CFD analysis of Journal Bearing with Heterogeneous Slip/No-Slip Pattern Considering Thermal Effect
08.30-08.45Paper ID: 1037 – Design and Development of Lower Limb Exoskeleton of Robotic Gait Trainer
08.45-09.00Paper ID: 2744 – Design and Testing of Remote Four Wheeled Tractor with Steering Control
09.00-09.25Keynote Speech 1: Prof. Erry Yulian T. Adesta, PhD
Topic: THE Impact rankings SDGs
09.25-09.50Keynote Speech 2: Prof. Dr. Shaharin A. Sulaiman
Topic: Clean Energy Opportunities in Tropical Countries
09.50-10.05Paper ID: 3183 – Simulation of Divergent Angle of Hybrid Rocket Engine Nozzle using ANSYS CFD
10.05-10.20Paper ID: 9418 – Portable micro-hydropower plant with drag-type turbine based on technology ultra-low headstream.
10.20-10.35Paper ID: 4056 – Investigation Blade Modification on Performance Savonius Water Turbine in Vertical Pipe Water Flow
10.35-10.50Paper ID: 3205 – Multi Objective Optimization of Cylindrical Multi Cell Crash Box by Using Response Surface Methodology
10.50-11.05Paper ID: 5263 – The Potential of Rice Husk Brickets as a New Alternative Sea Water Distillation Into Clean Water
11.05-11.20Paper ID: 5694 – Thermohydraulic Study on the AP1000 Reactor Fuel Assembly using Computational Fluid Dynamics
11.20-11.35Paper ID: 6997 – Neutronic Analysis on Potential Accident Tolerant Fuel U3Si2 in Pressurized Water Reactors Fuel Assembly

Session 2

12.30-12.45Paper ID: 4176 – Hedrocs: A Prototype of Helium Drone Controlling System Using Esp32Cam
12.50-13.05Paper ID: 1321 – Techno-Economic Analysis of Biodiesel Purification Unit
13.05-13.20Paper ID: 1741 – Hybrid Power Plant as a Practical Strategy to achieve 100% Utilization of Renewable Energy for Tourism-Based Island
13.20-13.35Paper ID: 5708 – The dynamic test of air conditioning system in the Jabodebek Light Rail Transit
13.35-13.50Paper ID: 7951 – Numerical Study on the Effect of Angle Variation of Convergent-Divergent Ejector-Nozzle for Salt Dispersion from Ground-Based on Weather Modification Process
13.50-14.05Paper ID: 7605 – Prediction of Slagging Fouling and Corrosion Potential for Coal Co-Firing with Biomass Plastics and EFB
14.05-14.20Paper ID: 9080 – Effect Of Blades Number On The Performance Of Gravitational Water Vortex Turbine With Cylindrical Basin
14.20-14.35Paper ID: 5296 – A Study on the Influence of Torque Variation to Surface Temperature Distribution of Electric Vehicle Battery
14.35-14.50Paper ID: 7977 – Application of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System for Hydroponic Plants to Support Urban Farming Small Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Session 3

15.15-15.40Keynote Speech 3: Prof. Bidyut Baran Saha, Ph.D.
Topic: Adsorption Science for Sustainable Energy Conversion Applications
15.40-15.55Paper ID: 2395 – Techno-Economic Analysis of Conversion ICE Motorcycle to Electric Motorcycle in Indonesia
15.55-16.10Paper ID: 7922 – Burst Pressure Prediction for Single Defect Corroded Pipe Subjected to Internal Pressure Using Deep Learning Approach
16.10-16.25Paper ID: 1626 – Potential Analysis of Hybrid Solar PV-Savonius Wind Turbine Helix Type System on the Cooling Effect and Increased Power Generated
16.25-16.40Paper ID: 5372 – Augmented Device on Vertical Axis Wind Turbine: Current and Future Development
16.40-16.55Paper ID: 8806 – Numerical Design and Simulation of Aerodynamic Characteristic Archimedes Wind Turbine
16.55-17.10Paper ID: 2509 – The Electrical Characteristic of The Tethered Drone Versus Battery Drone Power Supply
17.010-17.25Paper ID: 3551 – Numerical analysis of the performance of a flat-plate solar collector using carbon based nanofluids
17.25-17.40Paper ID: 9725 – Numerical Study of Nanofluids Assisted Thermoelectric Air Conditioner
17.40Closing Address and Announcement